Benefits and Drawbacks of Metal Roofing

When building a home you will have the option of having a wooden roof with shingles or you can have a roof made of metal.  For some the thought of having a metal roof is odd and conceived as being cheap.  However, there are many different pros and cons when talking about metal roofing winter garden fl.


This is a pro vs a con.  When we look at the weight of a metal roof compared to the weight of a traditional roof a metal roof will weigh 300 pounds lighter than a traditional roof.  A traditional roof will weigh about 900 lbs. compared to a metal roof at 700 lbs.

Extended life

A metal roof will expect to last the life of the home.  This is a great pro compared to a traditional roof that may begin needing repair after twenty years.

Speed of installation

When working with a metal roof a contractor can install a metal roof in a few hours.  A traditional roof would take a day or two if the weather is good.  Metal roofs come in premade sections that are easily to line up and install.  Traditional plywood and shingle roofs take extra time and prep work in order to have it installed.


When working with a metal roof you have some drawbacks as well.  The first is the price.  The price of a metal roof may go in depending on the size of the roof and the metal costs.  Consult your contractor on this.


You are working with metal.  Metal will dent, contrast and expand.  This can cause some metal stress and fatigue later in the lifetime of the roof.

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Noise can be increased with a metal roof.  The sound of rain and things hitting it will echo through the house.