Common Mistakes And Red Flags To Look For When Dealing With Your Home Windows

Our windows offer protection from the elements as well as allows us to gaze at the world outside.  However, the windows in our homes don’t last forever.  Over time they will need to be replaced or repaired.  Before putting money into window replacement san francisco consider these tips, tricks and common mistakes to look for and avoid.

Higher energy bills

The first sign that something is wrong is your electric bill.  Over time your bills may go up and down with the weather.  This is normal and will be reflected in a usage chart on the back of your bill.  However, if you have a month that is not normal and it repeats over several months then looking at your windows for issues would be a smart step.

Damaged glass or seals

You will want to look at your glass, the seals and the caulking around your windows.  Over time damaging winds, rain and temperature fulgurations will can cause glass to crack as well as the protection around the glass.  If you see this then it may be time to replace.

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Increase in noise levels

One of the benefits of our windows is to keep the outside noise to a minimum.  One sign that your windows are in need of repair or replacement is the increased levels of outside noise coming into the home. 

Pick the right type of window

When replacing your window make sure to pick the right type.  Make sure that they are as new as possible and are meeting current regulations.  Picking the same type of window you are now replacing may or may not be a good idea.  Depending on how old your windows are this might be a good idea to consider upgrading.